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This is series 9 (January to June, 2009) of these pics. If no pictures are coming up below, go HERE or HERE or HERE

The index file for these galleries can be found HERE or HERE or HERE

Anna Rawson, a feminine Australian golfer

A hat for Royal Ascot

A hat and more at Royal Ascot

Iranian elections

Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, in typical deshabille

An E boat, the fastest thing on water in WWII

His Eminence George Pell, Roman Catholic archbishop of Sydney and global warming skeptic

Like mother, like daughter

Nazi troops doing the goosestep

The goosestep is socialist. Both Russian and Chinese troops still use it

Hunting to hounds

The future Indy 500

Clever man

Jean Marie Le Pen, the most "incorrect" Frenchman

Those who live in glass houses ...


Miss California -- persecuted for being conservative

The winning hi tech of the past

Obama and nukes

SCOTUS nomineee Sotomayor

Another view of the great man

Asians have the most Anglo names?

Australia's Prime Minister at Holy Communion

Run for your lives, boys!

Sandhurst cadets marching out

The socialist salute

Sotomayor talks the talk

English patriots

Tamil Tigers (Now deceased)

Wicked beer

"Lucky" Yamaguchi, aged 93, survived BOTH the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings

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