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Pix from John Ray's blogs

This is series 15 (January to June, 2012) of these pics. If no pictures are coming up below, go HERE or HERE

The index file for these galleries can be found HERE or HERE or HERE

Agatha Christie revised

An Australian Army slouch hat in parade ground trim

I am pleased to say that I once wore such a hat

Bored Royals

The Archbishop of Canterbury used the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Thanksgiving service to preach a lot of Leftist dribble

Breivik giving his "Right wing" salute

So Obama is "Right wing" too?

Samantha Brick

A non-feminist female who is married and says that her attractiveness to men stunts her friendships with women

HMS Challenger

The 19th century's version of the Space Shuttle. In the 1870s, it did a round-the-world voyage gathering samples of deep-sea life and measuring ocean parameters such as temperature, alkalinity and carbonic acid concentrations. It was a large fully rigged sailing ship with a steam-powered auxiliary marine screw

Dame Elizabeth Murdoch

Rupert's mother -- still alive at over 100 years of age. Rupert still has a long way to go

Marcel Guarnizo, a true priest

He was true to his canons and refused communion to a lesbian. He was reprimanded by his diocese for his troubles

Hats galore

Haredim protesting in Israel

Brown coal

Fuel that you just scrape up -- so which generates cheap power. Greenies hate it. It is big in Germany and in Victoria, Australia

Pentti Linkola -- Ecofacist

He thinks the earth's population should be reduced to one sixth of its present size -- using nuclear weapons if necessary. His father and grandfather were prominent academics in Finland but he dropped out and became a fisherman -- and now lives on welfare. Can we see a source of bitterness there? What a pathetic human being! But he's a hero to lots of Greenies

Trayvon Martin as George Zimmerman encountered him

Distraught lady refused to leave her bogged horse

Both were eventually rescued

Karen Norgaard

Her thinking is as twisted as her face. She thinks human beings should be genetically engineered to believe in Warmism. Hitler had female concentration guards. She has missed her vocation

The unfortunate barred owl

U.S. rangers are shooting it because it is the "wrong" owl, according to the Greenies

Eric Pickles

He is rather a good minister in the British government. He clearly likes his pickles

A Indian swastika, with Ganesha in the middle

"Incorrect" beer advertisement

"Incorrect" washing-up sponges

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