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Pix from John Ray's blogs

This is series 14 (July to December, 2011) of these pics. If no pictures are coming up below, go HERE or HERE

The index file for these galleries can be found HERE or HERE or HERE

A Barbadian festival

A paid-up "Concerned Scientist" below

A real sailor

A sandbagged economy

Enoch Powell.

"Enoch was right" is often heard in Britain these days

A fine Ganesha (Indian elephant god)

Marine LePen, Chief French immigration critic

Why Leftists thrive

A very "incorrect" advertisement

An outspoken businessman (He runs an airline)

His Eminence Cardinal Pell opens an "Australia House" in the Vatican for visiting Australian Catholics

Protestors -- the difference

Renee Eaves, swimsuit model and a successful prosecutor of a police bully

Food hysterics at work

London Sikhs ready to defend their Gurdwara against black rioters

Socialized medicine in action

A German solar power plant

The late Joey Vento, patriot and critic of illegal immigration

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