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Pix from John Ray's blogs

This is series 13 (January to June, 2011) of these pics. If no pictures are coming up below, go HERE or HERE

The index file for these galleries can be found HERE or HERE or HERE

The media ace

The Royal wedding: At the altar in Westminster Abbey

On the way back to the Palace

The lady below is black under Australian law

Cassowary: Big bird of Australia's tropical forests

He has been eating Big Macs every day for many years

EPA car of the future

High principles

Bismarck in Pickelhaube

Why was he usually portrayed in his spiked helmet? Because he was bald!

The ozone hole just fluctuates randomly despite the Greenie treaty to shrink it

An Irish government hospital said this gorgeous little boy was dead in the womb

This mother lived on Big Macs throughout her pregnancy


In 2011 Obama still thought it was 2008

The incorrect Tintin

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