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This is series 11 (January to June, 2010) of these pics. If no pictures are coming up below, go HERE or HERE or HERE

The index file for these galleries can be found HERE or HERE or HERE or HERE

Bill Maher turns on the Leftist charm

Greenie fanatic who poisons coconut trees in Northern Australia

Julia Gillard (Prime Minister of Australia) glams up -- accompanied by her hairdresser

The wicked witch with admirer

Still from a Japanese computer game deemed too incorrect for delicate Western eyes

Mrs Obama at home

PETA still obsessed with semi-naked women

Al Gore does something useful

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden got married

Obama even needed a teleprompter to address a 6th Grade class

Obama reprises both Slick Willy and Tricky Dicky

The Reverend Ian Paisley -- now retired from politics after many years of doughty service to his people

The Queen opens the first Parliament in 13 years to be dominated by the Conservative party

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