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This is series 10 (July to December, 2009) of these pics. If no pictures are coming up below, go HERE or HERE or HERE

The index file for these galleries can be found HERE or HERE or HERE

A Christian conservative (GWB) helps a frail old man (KKK Byrd) regardless of political differences

A Leftist emptyhead ignores a frail old man (Prof. Gates)

North Korean women doing the Goosestep

It's a socialist march. The Nazis did it too, as did Soviet forces

An American President who bows to monarchs!

Ordinary Americans were once respected by their "representatives"

A huge demonstration that was virtually ignored by the media -- "Teapartiers"

A Maoist Obama appointee, Anita Dunn

Obama's respect for the children

How times have changed

Chicago politics come to the White House

Fascist rally in London, England in the 1930s

Much like pre-election rallies for Obama

Fascist Russia has replaced Soviet Russia

Palestinian "fighters"

Carrie Prejean, an "incorrect" beauty queen

Leftist "wisdom"

The politics of hate

Lisa Heinzerling: An attack-dog Greenie

Appointed by Obama as EPA Administrator, she thinks polluters should be punished as murderers

Gore science

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